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About Dabbawala Dublin

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Since 1890, thousands of dabbawalas have flooded the streets of Mumbai every morning to transport fresh, home-cooked meals to office workers across the city. Using bicycles, carts and trains, these men navigate the vast sprawling metropolis that is one of the largest cities on the planet, delivering hundreds of thousands of tiffin boxes (dabbas) each day.

But the dabbawala is far more than a simple delivery man. Inside his tiffin box, he carries a small piece of home and happiness - comfort food made from family recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Mumbai dabbawalas are the inspiration for everything we do. We want you to taste a little piece of the joy that they have been delivering for over a hundred years, and have adopted their mission as our own: to deliver good quality, feel good food straight to your door.

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